Monday, August 9, 2010

Recovery Stories, Legs-Up-the-Wall, and other things

I've disappeared off of blogger for a few weeks. Been a bit bummed after reading that article about CFS and pregnancy and have been pointlessly brooding over my future. Too much going on in the ol' noggin so I decided to take a break from CFS everywhere else I guess. But anyway, hope everyone's doing well (or, as well as possible, you know)!

In hopes of counteracting all the broodiness, I searched through Amazon and found this book -- Recovery from CFS - 50 Personal Stories by Alexandra Barton

The FedEx guy just came, and I ran (well...sort of) after him to get it before he left. Woops! Ouchie. But worth it, I think! I just read the Introduction, called "Elephant and M.E." a nice description of what it feels like to have CFS (click link for online version).  And so, I'm very very excited to read this book. It's a collection of stories from people who recovered from CFS from all over the world, how they did it, their suggestions (doctors, tests, techniques, etc). If I can't be positive on my own, I will just have to force positivity on myself from elsewhere!

I also read up on this mild, "restorative" yoga position ("Legs-Up-the-Wall" <-- click for description of how-to) that's supposed to help your body/heart cleanse/oxygenate your blood a bit better (and supposedly boosts the immune system, though I don't necessarily buy that part). You sit against the wall and put your legs up and hold it for 5-20 minutes, whatever you can do (longer the better). I sort of cheat and find a corner so it props me up on one side. It drains the blood from your legs towards your heart, and also towards your brain (good since we spend more time with blood flowing away from the brain). Now, I've been trying it for the last 2 weeks, especially after I do something more tiring, and I feel like my recovery time from said activity is a little faster. Or I'm just crazy. Maybe someone else can try it over a few days or so and see if they notice a difference too??


Jo said...

I'll give it a try! Good to have you back :-)

Dominique said...

I'm going to try this. I think this would be really good for my lower back if nothing else. I will post on it after I do it for a while and let you know!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome said...

JO and Dominique, have you got benefit with this try?

I get good benefit with this yoga position and specially for my heaps,lungs and my stomach.

Thanks DolceVita for posting this post. If you have any other idea like this post for yoga position then let me know.

Fatigue care said...
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Fatigue care said...

i think i need to try this method because all are have good experience about it.

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