Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Lyme Disease Culture Test

I just saw another person's post on Lyme and decided to give my (quick) 2 cents. Forgot to mention, I got the new snazzy Lyme disease test by Advanced Laboratory Services, per recommendation of my CFS specialist doctor at the Holtorf Medical Group in Torrance, CA. He said he was perplexed that I wasn't improving faster (and yet, would refuse to admit if other people he's seen get better faster than me; quite perplexing). The lab cultures your blood samples to see if they can grow little Lyme bacteria, and if they do it comes out positive. It's *supposed* to be much more accurate than what's currently out there right now (Western blots, which are not clear cut, black/white results).

Here is the Advances Lab website with information on the Lyme culture test. Ok, here is the disclaimer. It costs $600 and insurance does not reimburse the cost, even partially (but fingers crossed it will one day). That's not to say I have $600 laying around, but I scrounged, borrowed, etc, and it felt worth it if it means I stand a chance of improving after this finding. Granted, I really don't think I have it since I live in California and only went camping/hiking occasionally and my case of CFS started with a clear cut case of mono that never went away. But at least I'll know I can exclude Lyme!

Anyway, I'll update when I find out more, it takes 2 months for the full results to come back if the preliminary report was inconclusive (which mine was).

Ok, that was much longer than I intended. My wrists hurt :(


Lymechic said...

OK, Its September and I want to know how your results came back for Lyme. I had Lyme for 15 years, misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, *Crazy* and neuropathy. I treated the lyme agressively for 2 years and was ultimately healed. Now a year-a-half later, my symptoms are creeping back. I sent in the new lyme culture to Adv. Labs along with an exhaustive list of other labs. My prelimenary cultures are "inconclusive" and now I have to wait two months for the final results. Just curious of your experience with Adv. Lab results.

DolceVita said...

Hey, sorry to hear your symptoms are starting up again! That must be so scary after being healed! My results were inconclusive at first too, and 2 months later came back as positive. I've been on antibiotics since May, with some slow improvement. I've posted about it a few times since this post. My doc says once I'm symptom-free, we'll stop antibiotics for 3 months and he will test me again. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at rber002[at]gmail[dot]com