Monday, May 6, 2013

Nutrition Talk

I've been a terrible blogger, and a terrible blog reader the last few months. I've been trying out a new "exercise" regime and spend pretty much all my time in bed recovering, with the usual burning, tingling, aching muscles and extreme exhaustion, etc. But...fingers seems to be doing something positive for me despite the crashing. I keep wanting to post about it, but can't find the motivation/energy for the long blog post that will inevitably result. So, instead I'll just share an interesting talk I just watched recently. While I'm wary about claims of broad cures for mysterious illnesses, the dietary suggestions in this talk sound like something I'd love to try out, though it sounds SO hard (9 cups of fruits/veggies a day...yikes!). The talk is only ~15 minutes long and worth a listen.

Hope everyone's doing well out there in the blogosphere!

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Sally said...

Thanks for that link. VERY interesting. I've been working on the Paleo concept, but think that the leafy greens have been neglected by me... Okay time for a new leaf! ;)

I wrote a bit about my own experience of ME on my blog this week. There's no easy answer is there.... but this diet is surely worth trying.